“Piano jazz that for once doesn’t invite you to fall asleep: Young, fresh, from Switzerland and without fear of abstraction.” – Ulrich Stock, Die Zeit, November 2022


“Mazué’s modernist trio has a lot to give to contemporary jazz, unwrapping inspirations and talking idioms of their own creation” – Filipe Freitas, JazzTrail, December 2022


“In deep reverence for and with great knowledge of tradition, they define a gripping, contemporary variant of the classical jazz trio.” – Rudolf Amstutz, Jazz’n’More, January 2023


“The young Frenchman and the two young Swiss musicians form a piano trio whose freshness leaves much of the established jazz behind.” – Ulrich Stock, Die Zeit, 2021


“A trio with exceptional qualities. This trio has a remarkable interaction between equal players. The formation is powerful but not lacking in sensitivity, complex but not remote, contemporary in its aesthetics but also refreshing.”- Deutsche Welle, 2021


“Astonishingly mature music for a 25-year-old, gripping at every moment!”- Jazz Thing, 2021


“The piano trio performed complex compositions in an energetic manner that provided space for both exciting interplay and rousing improvisations.”- ZKB Jazz Preis Jury, 2021


“Mazué manages to create a narrative direction while alternating between brisk dynamics and pure reflections.”– Filipe Freitas, Jazz Trail, 2021


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