Photo credit: Nadine Kägi

Matthieu Mazué is a pianist and composer born in France. His passion for music and improvisation emerged while studying at the Conservatories of Dijon and Strasbourg. Matthieu then joined the University of the Arts of Bern (HKB), to perfect his skills in the fields of jazz piano, improvisation and composition.

Since 2015, Matthieu has distinguished himself by performing concerts on many European venues with musicians such as Diego Manuschevich, Michael Cina, Xaver Rüegg, Michaël Attias, Ralph Alessi…

Living in Switzerland, Matthieu Mazué is currently touring with his own trio. The trio has already performed in Switzerland, France and Germany and released his second album on the French label Jazzdor Series.

Matthieu has played on many European stages such as Jazzdor (Berlin and Strasbourg), Bird’s Eye (Basel), BeJazz (Bern), International Jazz Festival (Bern), Jazz en Ville (Vannes), Sunside (Paris), Périscope (Lyon), Moods (Zürich), JazzFest Bonn…


– NOVA Jazz Composition Prize 2021 with “Matthieu Mazué Trio” (comp.: Supply Chains)

– ZKB Jazz Preis 2021 with “Matthieu Mazué Trio”

– JazzBeet Competition 2021 with “Matthieu Mazué Trio” (JazzFest Bonn) 

– Jazz en Ville Competition 2018 with “Mazué/Manuschevich” (Jazz en Ville Festival, Vannes, FR)

“Astonishingly mature music for a 25-year-old, gripping at every moment!”- Jazz Thing, 2021 

“A trio with exceptional qualities. This trio has a remarkable interaction between equal players. The formation is powerful but not lacking in sensitivity, complex but not remote, contemporary in its aesthetics but also refreshing.”- Deutsche Welle, 2021

“Piano jazz that for once doesn’t invite you to fall asleep: Young, fresh, from Switzerland and without fear of abstraction.” – Ulrich Stock, Die Zeit, November 2022

“In deep reverence for and with great knowledge of tradition, they define a gripping, contemporary variant of the classical jazz trio.” – Rudolf Amstutz, Jazz’n’More, January 2023

“Mazué manages to create a narrative direction while alternating between brisk dynamics and pure reflections.”Filipe Freitas, Jazz Trail, 2021

“The piano trio performed complex compositions in an energetic manner that provided space for both exciting interplay and rousing improvisations.”- ZKB Jazz Preis Jury, 2021

“The young Frenchman and the two young Swiss musicians form a piano trio whose freshness leaves much of the established jazz behind.” – Ulrich Stock, Die Zeit, 2021

“Mazué’s modernist trio has a lot to give to contemporary jazz, unwrapping inspirations and talking idioms of their own creation” Filipe Freitas, JazzTrail, December 2022

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