Matthieu Mazué Trio (Credit_Samuel Jullien:FeNNec) 3

“A trio with exceptional qualities” – Deutsche Welle

“A piano trio whose freshness leaves much of the established jazz behind” – Die Zeit

“Mazué’s modernist trio has a lot to give to contemporary jazz” – Jazz Trail

Matthieu Mazué – piano

Xaver Rüegg – double bass 

Michael Cina – drums

Since 2019, the trio led by pianist Matthieu Mazué has been captivating European stages with their music. Following the success of their debut album in 2021 and the numerous awards they have received including the ZKB Jazz Preis and Jazz Beet Competition, the group made a return in 2023 with a new release under Jazzdor Series. With “We Stay Still”, the trio pushes their boundaries, skillfully balancing tradition and innovation. The compositions, rich with emotional depth, evoke vivid imagery and vibrant sensations. This new repertoire seamlessly blends poetry and unique soundscapes. Each piece represents a bold exploration that transcends genre boundaries, offering an intense musical experience.

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